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Covid-19 Measures

Race Protocols for Half Marathon Runners

  • Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon encourages all participants to download the ALHOSN UAE Application. In the unlikely case that a participant unknowingly is diagnosed with Covid-19, the application will assist authorities in tracing other participants that may have been in close contact. While this is strongly encouraged, downloading the application is not a mandatory requirement of entry.

Prior to entering the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon venue and pre-start area (Call Room) all participants must wear a face mask and will be:

  • Bib checked for start timing. In order to reduce contact between participants race start timings are separated by bib colour and only those within the next couple of start waves will be allowed to enter the pre-start area.
  • Participants will be temperature checked (must be below 37.5 degrees Celsius). If any individual shows a higher temperature, he/she will be directed to the medical team.
  • Participants will be required to enter a sanitization tunnel as an extra measure to ensure that the pre-start and start area remains sterile throughout the event.
  • The start of the race will be implemented with a rolling start system in specific start waves, with the provision of a waiting area for the athletes respecting the social distancing.
  • The start order will be determined by the organizing committee and all waiting athletes will be advised to stay away from the start area until the time of their rolling start wave.
  • Exact time intervals will be given to all athletes and athletes are not allowed to line up outside of these times.
  • Face masks will be mandatory for all the runners in the start area.
  • Athletes will only be able to remove their face masks after the first 500m of the race.
  • Athletes are recommended to avoid running directly behind another athlete at a distance less than 4M. If the distance is less, it is recommended to be either at a 45-degree angle or alongside the other athlete but must avoid facing each other.
  • There will be seven aid stations on the course.
  • The aid stations on the course will be operated and replenished by volunteers and the use of face masks and rubber/disposable gloves will be mandatory.
  • All aid stations on the run course will operate on a self-service basis. Volunteers will not service the runners.
  • The length of the aid station will be increased to accommodate more runners at the same time and to avoid congestion.
  • Only sealed bottles of water and refreshments will be provided.
  • An athlete should not touch anything else on the aid station other than what he/she has selected.
  • Proper food hygiene practices must be followed by athletes and rubbish disposed of in the bins provided.
  • The finish chute will be split into 2M-wide finishing lanes to prevent athletes from coming closer than this distance.
  • The post-finish area will be extended to facilitate a smooth flow and athletes must wear the face mask provided.
  • Medal photographs at the post-finish area, hugging, group celebrations, high fives and handshakes etc. are not permitted.
  • Following the finish, athletes will be directed to an open space where they can have access to recovery drinks and light refreshments. Multiple stations will be provided within this space for distribution of these supplies.
  • Cold water tubs will not be available at the finish line.
  • All recovery stations will be self-service.
  • Food provided will be individually wrapped.
  • Proper food hygiene practices for catering purposes for athletes will be followed.
  • The medical tent will be attached to this location.
  • Athletes must avoid lying or sitting down (without any medical need/problems).
  • A minimum number of volunteers will be available to support the athletes and make sure that runners are not congregating in the post finish area. These volunteers will wear rubber/disposable gloves and face masks.
  • A contactless medal collection service will be provided.
  • Collection is self-service and one medal per athlete has been allocated.
  • There will be no award ceremony for age group athletes this year, sorry.